Vous Connaîtrez L'Éternel Marchez toujours dans l'Amour et Soyez Bénis !

While with mom we were going to eat at noon at the emerald restaurant in the city of Paris, the ETERNAL ALL-POWERF told me clearly in my mind that I should go talk to the lady who works at the real estate agency we were passing to go eat.
I was telling the Lord that I wouldn’t know what to say to him and the Lord told me to stop relying on my own strength and let him act.
So I tell mom that she will have to go home alone because I have to go and evangelize a lady I don’t know and to whom it is the Lord who sends me, and mom says yes.
We eat quietly and after the meal Mum and I separate, she to go home, and I to go and evangelize this new sister in Christ.
You will understand afterwards why I say this new sister in Christ because at that time she did not yet know the Lord.
So I go into the real estate agency where she was alone because it was the Lord who had planned this time for both of us.
I therefore introduce myself to this young woman as being a Christian and that it is the LORD ALMIGHTY who sent me to her so that she would accept Jesus Christ of Nazareth in her life.
Initially she began to smile with a little mocking air and there the Lord told me what to say to her.
I told her all her life to this woman I didn’t know from anywhere, I told her:
– these two failed marriages,
– her childhood where she had touched alcohol and cannabis,
– her adolescence with her boyfriend who abused her in high school,
– the city where she came from, I don’t even remember the city where she came from,
– what she said to her parents before leaving home at the age of 17,
– and lots of other things that the Lord made me forget that I had told him on his behalf.
After that I told her that the LORD ALMIGHTY revealed to me about her that she had to accept it because otherwise in a year to the day she would be dead and lost in hell.
The Lord really wanted her to accept it today.
After that she got up, took me in her arms and started to cry, telling me that she wanted Jesus in her life and that she wanted to accept him as her Lord.
I told him to repeat after me the prayer of salvation where I made him with his mouth accept the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth in his heart and in his life and I also promised to bring him a Bible the next day.
I had no idea how I was going to bring him a Bible because I only had one at that time and I wanted it, and the Lord told me this:
– go to the Maison de la Bible opposite the Gare de Lyon and you will get a Bible.
I say oh Lord! ok but i don’t have any money with me how am i going to be able to buy a bible but since you tell me to go to the house of the bible i go to the house of the bible and i know that you will give me a Bible so that I can keep my promise.
I arrive at La Maison de la Bible the next day at the end of the morning before going to join Mum to go eat and I turn around in the Bible department simply by looking and saying to myself in my head:
– how am I going to give him a Bible?
And then behind me there is a sister in Christ who tells me you want me to offer you a Bible.
And there I tell this sister in Christ at the Maison de la Bible that the Bible I wanted was not for me but to offer to a new convert to Jesus Christ who accepted the Lord Jesus Christ the day before following my intervention.
The sister in Christ gave me one of the most beautiful Bibles in the shop worth 70 €.
And thanking her very happy, and above all thanking God, I go with the Bible in my bag to join Mum to go eat, and then I go to the real estate agency where the Lord had made this new sister in Christ work alone. at that time and I offer him the Bible advising him to read only the New Testament and the Epistles for the first 3 months by reading the Bible every day.
She asked me, why?
I told him that in the Old Testament and in Revelation what do we see?
We see the ETERNAL ALMIGHTY who orders:
– wars,
– murders
– and who calls death,
which is not at all for a new convert good to read, so I explained to him that by reading the New Testament and the Epistles, it means that from the 1st book of Matthew until the beginning of the apocalypse it tells :
– who was Jesus Christ,
– why He came,
– and why He did what He did,
– and what is the road that we must follow ourselves every day of our lives.
For the first few weeks she called me every day to ask me questions about what she was reading about what she didn’t understand.
One day the Lord told me that I had to stop with her and that I had to tell her to find a church because I was taking the place of the LORD ALMIGHTY in her life.
So that’s what I did, I advised her to find an evangelical church where she would feel good and, later she called me saying that she was going to be baptized by immersion soon and that she thanked me for to have obeyed God to intervene in his life.
This is how this part of my testimony ends.